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Katie Plays Lets Pretend

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Katie and Mummy went for a walk down to the river one day

“Lets play lets pretend” Katie exclaims

“OK” says Mummy as they walked along down the walkway between the stone walls.

“Stop” says Katie “who lives up there?”


“look up there on top of the fence”

“Oh” says Mummy Lifting Katie up “I think that fairies live up here, beautiful tiny creatures.  Small enough to fit in you hand. But they are mischievous creatures and they love to play tricks on people.”

“What kind of tricks?” asks Katie

“All sorts of tricks” replies Mummy. “remember last week when you lost your shoes and we couldn’t find it anywhere? We asked everybody and we though we looked everywhere…”

“Until we found it in the tree” bust in Katie giggling. “Do you think that the fairies put it there?”

“Perhaps” says Mummy “its the type of thing they would do.”

“What do they look like?” wonders Katie aloud.

“Well” Says Mummy, “All their clothes are made from leaves and petals, stitched together with spiders web. They have beautiful fragile wings made with every colour of the rainbow. Bu their wings almost never stay still enough for you to see”

“Wow” says Katie “I wish that I could see the fairies.”

“you can” explains Mummy “but you have to look carefully out of the corner of your eyes because as soon as they think you are looking at them they dart away and hide. Keep your eyes peeled and you might see some as we go.”

They walk down the lane past the big stone walls and come around the corner. “Look at this beautiful stone cottage with its thatched roof.” says Mummy

“I think there are tiny little animals that live in the thatch” says Katie “the make paths and houses between the thatch and use the small pieces to make their furniture and they all talk to each other and go visit each other all the time” says Katie excitedly

“And have cupcakes?” asks Mummy

“Oh yes” exclaims Katie “They have cupcakes with blue icing and those tiny silver balls”

Mummy grins “Shall we make some of those this afternoon for when Grandma comes back with Charlie?

Katie nods enthusiastically and jumps up and down.

Down past the stream they go and up onto the bridge.

“Look Mummy! Look at that tree with its branches dangling in the water.”

“Ahh” says Mummy “thats a weeping willow.”

“But why is it weeping?” asks Katie turning her head to the side

“Because it is sad”

“But why is it sad?”

“Well” says Mummy “Once upon a time there were beautiful river mermaids that would swim in this very river. They would play just over there beneath the willows branches. They became extra special friends with the willows and would tell them stories of their adventures. But one day they all disappeared never to be seen again.”

“Oh” says Katie “where did they go?”

“No body knows.”

“Maybe they went to live in the sea with the other mermaids” says Katie

“Maybe” says Mummy “lets keep walking, I can see something on the other side of the river, can you?”

“A scary monster!” exclaims Katie, “He’s very grumpy and likes to be left alone. See those two trees, they are the entrance to his house, and that one lying across the front is the barrier. If you could read goblin it would say ‘DO NOT ENTER’ and he has made booby traps to stop people getting any further.”

“What kind of booby traps?” asks Mummy

“First there is lots of blackberry plant and stinging nettles to sting and spike anyone who tries to get through”

“Then what?”

“Theres a ginormous hole under the last of the blackberries and if you fall in the hole then you land on a catapult which sends you flying into the water!”

“Lets not try that then” says Mummy.

Katie finds a cave in the bushes and crawls into it.

“Look Mummy! I found the Dragon Flies lair! He’s a small cuddly dragon that likes children and stories”

“To eat?” asks Mummy looking worried

“No silly, to tell stories too.”

“Oh that good.”says Mummy looking more relaxed “wouldn’t want him to eat you”

“Oh no he wouldn’t do that he’s a nice dragon. He’s about the same height as me but much softer and cuddlier. He has little black wings and spikes down his back”

(dragon fly as a baby, he’s much bigger now)

“He loves swimming and he doesn’t need a diving board to jump off. He can just fly up as high as he wants then dives in making a huge splash!”

“What kinds of stories does he tell?” Asks Mummy

“Ones about Kings and Queens, Castles and Adventures!”

“Sounds exciting”

“Very” agrees Katie “He tells the best stories, can we stay to hear one?

“Sorry Katie, not today.” says Mummy “we have got lots to do before Grandma brings Charlie back, don’t forget we have to make those cupcakes too.”

“Oh yes! Can’t forget the Cup cakes” agrees Katie enthusiastically “Bye Dragon fly, see you next time. make sure you save a special story for me.” she says as she waves good bye.

As Mummy rushes her back Katie waves good bye to all the special friends they made on the way.

“Bye bye Goblin, hope no one tries to come in”

“Good Bye weeping willow, I will come be your friend and tell you stories on my next walk”

“Bye thatch creatures, I wish I was small enough to come visit you too”

“See you next time fairies, you can’t trick me!”

Later that evening Katie tells Charlie and Grandma about the great adventure they had that day.


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