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Water in Solitude

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Water in solitude


By the sea I am alone

The waves crash with their mighty roar

the wind sweeps the sand past my feet

but I am alone

the gulls cry and swoop as the ride the swirling winds but I am alone

I scramble to the top of the cliffs

covered in dirt I look out on it all

the never ending vastness of the ocean

and I am alone

I sit amongst the scratchy grass and stare

the sun beams down hot and burning on my back

and I am alone but all powerful at the top of the world

I wade through the waves my clothes now soaking wet

I feel the intoxicating power of the water drawing me in

the water fresh and cool on my skin

and I am alone

the dolphins leap beyond the breakers

the fish ride amongst the waves

but they are separate from me in a world I cannot j

I am alone

alone with my thoughts

alone with myself

sometimes thats a scary place to be

but here I am free

I am not constrained

I can run


leap with joy

kick the sand

get wet





with the wind in my hair and the salt in my lungs

I am myself and no body else

but I am alone

The river on the other hand

is not so large

is not so grand

yet here I am never alone

The water is just as powerful but without that magnetic draw

It doesn’t pull me in, tempt me tease me like the sea

I can go to the river and not get wet

which i suppose is better for my clothes

here I am never alone

the buzzing of the bees

the birds in the tress

the swishing of the grass

I am never alone

the sun bathing fish

the waddling ducks

all keep me company

I don’t have my thoughts running through my head like a train

going round and round

I have other thoughts

but I don’t think they are my own

I am never along

its peaceful here by the river

with its quiet calm and comforting gurgle

the beautiful shades of green

willows dipping into the water

I am never alone

its comforting and healing


I will always prefer

the harsh

the haunting

the reckless

the magnetic

the wild and the free



Author: kelliefish13

I am a full time mum to my two children, I blog very sporadically about life and things that interest me.

One thought on “Water in Solitude

  1. Kellie, this is all so fantastic, I am really enjoying reading your work!

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