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Saving NZ by planting trees.

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In NZ sometimes we think we are so cool, that our country is so beautiful and green. Which it is… in places. however I think there is a lot we could learn from other countries. Here is a couple of things I have thought of while in UK.

Trees along motorways

They would look much nicer look than Auckland’s shabby bit of grass then graffitied fences. Plus they would block some of the noise from the motorway onto those properties making them much nicer to live in. Also a 4 metres wide planting gives a nice strip of plants and vegetation to provide home for many different animals and insects. Though it would take some time and money to plant initially, if plants are well chosen then it could be left with little maintenance apart from trimming.

Next idea

Plant fruit trees on side of residential roads, a variety of them eg oranges, plums, apples etc preferably ones that ripen at different times. This could have many benefits such as encouraging more people to get their 5+ a day because the fruit is easily available even to those who have less money. Also children get to see first hand where their fruit comes from and watch it go through the different stages.

What ideas do you have for saving the world, your country? let me know


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