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The best years of your life

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I hate it when people say to teenagers “these are the best years of your life, so you better make the most of them”, often in the middle of a lecture about how good grades and hard work are the only way to get a good job.

Are they serious? Do they really mean to say that  by the time you finish university (or high school) everything thing is down hill from then on getting worse and worse?? Or are they looking back in that time on there life with rose tinted glasses and selective memories. Remembering all the good times such as the parties, the friendships, the drinking, having lots of free time, hanging out at the beach etc and forgetting all the bad: getting picked on, feeling alone, spending ages studying/working on assignments to only to get a bad grade, trying to do 5 assignments at once, working frustrating part time job, fighting with parents, having no money.

There is a lot of challenges and changes at a that time of life that most young people have never had before and so to us later on they feel like nothing as we have learnt to deal with them. A lot of young people experience depression at this age. Imagine telling someone who is stressed out because of exams, out of money, away from family feeling like they are alone in the world that this is the best time of their life. What is that person going to think and feel.

Surely they are forgetting some of the many other mile stones and good times that have happened in their life since. Such as their first real job, having money, getting married, engaged, going overseas, having children, grand children, retiring plus many more exciting times on their way through life.

I am now 26 and have discovered that life goes on, it continues to have its highs and lows. I am more comfortable with myself and am also more able to deal with stress and hardships. Each new step is thrilling and exciting, I make new friends and some old ones drift away but some become closer. Having a job that is not boring me to death is great, and having money to spend even better. I enjoyed my time at uni greatly but I do not intend for it to be the best time of my life, for already I have times that surpass it, nor do I wish to have my 20’s be the best times of y life. I intend to enjoy the rest of my life as much as I can. Looking for the positives and taking the advantages that I can. To never destroy the hopes of someone younger than me by saying these are the best days of you life. I don’t know what their past has held or that their future holds. Hope for the future is important, don’t crush it.


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I am a full time mum to my two children, I blog very sporadically about life and things that interest me.

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