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Whoops found this while clearing out my drafts, meant to post it ages ago.

Recently travelled to Germany taking the cheapest option Ryanair, here are some of the things I learnt

1. Stansted airport is a long way away from Oxford, actually it is a long way from everywhere. So although my flight was only 1.5 hours long, it took me a 3 hour bus trip, then another 1.5 hour wait at the airport to get there. Then on the way back it was a 2.5 hour wait as that was when the next bus left. So my 1.5 hour flight took me 6 hours to actually get to Germany, then to get to my friends house another almost an hour to get to her place.

2. Coaches around the UK are keep at almost freezing temperatures. Ok So I may be exaggerating but only a little. On my way there I was wearing Jeans and a Hoodie, with appropriate layers underneath and was only just warm enough. Which is rather annoying when I was too hot in jeans and T shirt out side. Moral of the story is bring layers onto bus with you. I have been caught out before and discovered several hour bus journeys are not pleasant when shivering.

3. When flying with Ryanair especially make sure your luggage is the right size shape and weight. They do check it, just before you go through the gate so its very hard to do anything about it once your at that point but pay the extra charges.

4. Ryan air don’t allocate seats, not a big deal but I was mightily confused when I got on.

Things I noticed

1. If you are travelling with your children and they don’t have the same last name as you. Take a birth certificate! A lady and her son where going through the booth next to me that were having trouble as they had no proof that he was her son, and where having a big long discussion about it going no where.

What other weird things have people noticed while travelling?


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