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What to do, what to do?

Turns out I’m not quite as fond of Oxford as I hoped to be, my flat even less so, work is almost non existant (though this should pick up), and my partner is feeling similar.

Though we haven’t really settled in here and haven’t made any really good friends either, mostly because we were on holiday for almost a month of our two months here.

But we have meet some fun and friendly Kiwi’s, who are in the process of getting a two bedroom flat that we might be able to have the other bedroom of, which is fantastic but its a quite bit further out of town that we wanted.

Or do we stay in our current flat for a bit longer, save some money, apply for other places and move out of Oxford. But then there’s the finding where to move to, most likely it would be London, which neither of us really wants.

Or do we keep looking for flats closer to town, which we have been doing for a little while and haven’t found much and if we did find something would we get along with those flat mates?

Each option has a lot of uncertainty around it, and no option is perfect. Though I suppose if one of the options was perfect we would just take that and I wouldn’t be still debating it in my head.

I do know however I have no desire to stay in my current flat longer than I have too.


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