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Running, I’m still going!!

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Yay I am still going!! Every week day, and last weekend I even did Saturday too.

I actually think going everyday makes it easier, I can’t say oh I will go tomorrow because that breaks my rules. And going by myself means no one else can say oh lets not go today, nor do I feel slow when going with them.

So I get to feel good everyday that I go.

Though I have adapted my rules slightly (see Running and Blogging post) and no longer have to go further everyday so on days when the weather is terrible or when I am short on time I do a slightly shorter run around my block. However when I do the shorter run I have a UP HILL part, (my normal run is all down hill or flat and I walk to uphill part on my way home after running). I find up hill hard at the best of times but I thought to make up for less distance I decided I had to run as fast as I could to a power pole 3/4 of the way up, then walk the rest. My speed is increasing!

And I have found that I have doubled my distance of non stop running in my longer runs. Now can the annoying drizzle stop so I can go back to doing them with out getting too cold to walk back home again.

The other cool bit is that my weight is slowly but surely decreasing! (I love digital scales that give me a exact number instead of trying to read a scale that moves when I lean forward to read it). Exercising makes me care more about what I put in my body and more aware of how what I eat makes me feel. Plus weighing myself daily lets me see what happens when I stuff myself silly or snack continuously throughout the day. My partner has suggested I record my weight on a graph each day which I think I am going to do.

The next Challenge is going to be the cold, I have already switched from my cotton t shirt  to a long sleeve wool blend top.


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One thought on “Running, I’m still going!!

  1. Yay Kellie, you go girl!!

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