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What Mum taught me.

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I was about to moan at there being sugar in my peanut butter, actually I am going to moan about that, It makes the peanut butter taste terrible!! When I had a flash back of grocery shopping with my Mum and her insisting on buying the salt free, sugar free peanut butter and me arguing that it needed both salt and sugar. I admit, she was right we didn’t need the extra salt and sugar.

I remember similar arguments in the cereal line, and somewhere along the line ended up with a rule of we could choose which cereal we wanted but it had to be less than 30% sugar, which at the time ruled out all the heavily branded cool looking ones and left us with the boring ones. But we still got the choice, and now many years on I still check cereal boxes for their sugar levels and still choose the boring ones (when I am not having my whole grain toast, no we didn’t get white bread often either, with sugar and salt free peanut butter).

She also insisted that we eat fruit and veges and supplied us with both, though the best fruit was the fruit we picked of the fruit trees in the backyard and ate while lying on our trampoline.

We all learnt how to cook from a young age and loved it, I have very fond memories of standing on a chair making pancake mix while mum called out ingredients from the lounge and when older pouring over recipe books deciding what I was going to make everyone for dinner and making sure we got the ingredients on our shopping trip.

I’m sure it can’t have been easy, as I know we moaned and complained when we weren’t allowed something and I’m sure we made one hell of a mess cooking. But it was worth it. All four of my siblings and I when we moved out of home could look after ourselves. We could cook healthy meals, though we often choose not to, and wash our own clothes, we also tried to choose not to on that one too but it doesn’t work so well when no one else does. We all ended up teaching a friend or so how to turn on an oven, wash a load of clothes etc. We also tried living on junk food and eating all the things we weren’t allowed when younger, which we then found out made us feel terrible and after a while have mostly gone back to the things that our parents taught us.

So to those parents out there that are struggling with a fussy eater, sick of saying no to certain foods, keep it up. Stay strong and say no. It will get easier eventually and then when your kids leave home and set out on their own path you will know that they can look after themselves.

Thanks Mum and Dad


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