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I have been meaning to post something for what feels like weeks, I start a post and then get no where with it.

I could post about the change in seasons how the leaves are going golden brown and falling into neat piles on the ground. The way the leaves fall between the slots of grass looking like natures filing cabinet. The beautiful patterns in the leaves themselves, some all red others yellow, some a mixture (wow that description sucked).

Maybe I should write about how its getting colder again and that I am not really looking forward to winter any more. Especially since I have lost all but 1 of my lovely gloves from home.

I could write about that in about months time they are opening the ice rinks in London and already we are planning to go skating by Hampton Palace. OUTSIDE!! Its one of those weird things, I understand that ice skating started in places that it got cold enough for lakes to freeze, but having never been to anywhere that it did and only ever going to indoor ice skating rinks it still seems a magical fairy land thing to do.

I could write about the day we spend in Cardiff, thanks to some train tickets given to us by some fab peoples. Where it was a beautiful day and we spent it wandering around Cardiff Bay, had we been clever we could have hired bikes and ridden around it, but we favoured walking slowly and sitting in the sun. We also discovered that GBK sells L&P and Whittaker chocolate slabs, along with some fantastic burgers and fries with sweet chilli and sour cream sauce. Non of which I quite realised how much I missed until I had them again. Sitting in the sun, looking out at the water, eating my chicken, bacon and avocado burger, drinking L&P… fantastic! Though wont be nearly as good in winter, its not winter food. Also Roald Dahl lived there, and attended this really really cute church right by the water. I want one!

I think I might be sounding slightly less strongly Kiwi, as its been quite sometime since after saying some word or the letter s I have had almost a whole class full of children look at me puzzledly and repeat the word. Which happened fairly often when I first started. I hardly ever get caught out saying the wrong word any more either, I know that I need to say come sit on the carpet instead of come sit on the mat, that I need to say trousers instead of pants and that they either have a packed lunch or a hot dinner and you must check who is having what after calling the register (not roll) every morning. At the end of the day I don’t just say good afternoon class and let them go like I would in NZ, but instead stand at the door making sure each child is going home with the correct adult (one who is on the approved list). Finding ways into and out of schools can be another problem as they are always fenced and generally the classrooms and joined up meaning confusing mazes of hallways. Several times have I gone to sign out and leave the school for the day only to get lost and half to ask for directions to leave, or for someone to let me in the door from building to building as they generally have locks of some kind on the even during school time. I realise how lucky we are in NZ not to have to need all this.

Wow, for having nothing to write I seem to have written alot.


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