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What about our future?

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I was just watching a TED talk done by Jane Goodall, which I found really fascinating and one thing that she said that particularly struck a chord was where she was talking about travelling around Europe and USA and found that often they were “depressed and apathetic or bitter and angry” and upon asking “why more or less said we feel this way because we feel that you have compromised our future and there is nothing we can do about it.”
And that really hit home for me because often that is how I feel about it, and it seems nothing that I can do is going to make a big enough difference to make the earth a place I want to live in for the rest of my life alone bring children and Grandchildren into it. And what adds salt to the wound is many of the people/companies/massive corporates don’t seem to care and continue to find faster and more efficiency ways to destroy our environment and destroy peoples lives (poverty)
with as she puts in the talk as well “Seemingly with the inability to learn from past experience.”
That last bit especially pisses me off, we have tried doing this already and we know how bad it is yet we keep doing it. (what is the definition of sanity, something about doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result).
Sometimes I feel so frustrated that it seems likes no matter how many good things I do to try and help the environment and human rights it will never be enough to change some peoples minds and start preventing more damage and fixing what has already happened.

However there is hope, and there are so many inspiring dedicated people, groups and organisations out there working to bring change. So many young people trying to get involved in the world around them so that we all get a future. If we all call for change and do our part then maybe we will pull through and not leave a poisonous and destroyed wasteland behind.

Its worth watching for yourself so here’s the link (and check out the context in which she is saying them in case I misquoted when transcribing)


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