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Bullying seems to be a very well publicised problem at the moment which I think is great. Its something that needs dealing with at a large scale because it has been for so long ignored and just part of life. Wouldn’t it be great if it didn’t have to be.

There seems to be a lot of stand up for yourself talk going on, get adults involved and let them deal with it which is good. But sometimes it not enough and it the people around us that can make the most difference.

We need to be teaching the children to stick up for their friends, their classmates, their siblings, the people around them. When they hear someone calling someone else a name they tell them to stop, to go away, to leave them alone. Its hard to stand up to someone who is being mean to you, its much easier when someone else will stick up for you as well. Teachers and parents can’t be everywhere at once and can’t always be there to stop what is happening, but at school there is almost always other children around. I am thankful for the friends and people in my classes at high school that told a certain boy to go away, to shut up, or to leave me alone. It worked, his words were a lot less believable when others were telling him to stop.

If we can teach our children not only to stand up for themselves but to stand up for others, we are teaching them to be leaders. We are teaching them to stand up for what they believe in and act with determination and courage. What better way could we prepare them for the future.


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3 thoughts on “Bullying

  1. On the topic of bullying, this ( post has become something of a meme on twitter over the past week or so. Katie is a really cute little girl who was teased because what she really likes is Star Wars, which, to the boys in her class, is something ‘only for boys’. A few hundred comments later, her mum had to create a new page just for the comments. So many people the world over had commented to say they were girls who love Star Wars too, and not to let the boys get to them. Imagine if every child who’s bullied had reassurance from people who were just like them when they were kids and who now like who they are. 🙂

    • That was one of the blogs I read before writing that post.
      I absolutely agree letting kids know that it happened to other people and that they need to be strong and they will get through it. We can’t stop any mean comment that someone might say but we can lessen the impact of their words with support and encouragement.

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