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I miss my Grandma

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I miss my Grandma. She died just over a year ago and for a few years before that she didn’t really know who I was. But still her presence is one that is missing often.
She had a huge impact on my life from my favourite colours to taste in music. She always believed in me and loved me no matter what. She was only ever a phone call away when I was growing up. My Grandparents house was a magical place to go visit, Grandad would answer the door with something silly. Time would be spent painting, gardening, listening to music, walking along the beach and cooking the whole time talking about anything and everything. She was a best friend, a caring and knowledgeable and an inspiration. She was a loving teacher, a fantastic sportswoman and coach, a great friend but most of all she was there, always. Now she’s not and I miss her. I hope she is in heaven enjoying all the things she used to, no longer constrained by illness and I hope she looks down and sees how well all her Grandchildren are doing and knows how much we loved her. To the world she may have been one person but to me she was the world.


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I am a full time mum to my two children, I blog very sporadically about life and things that interest me.

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