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Wow snow is really pretty. I knew it was, I have seen pictures before, and it snows a little bit in February when I first arrived in England. But nothing like what’s happening at the moment. Every morning I wake up and look out the window to see what scene is awaiting me. The last two days all the trees and things have been covered in a light dusting of snow, most of what has landed on the ground has melted or so thin its as Robbie says like ash. I think its like being on a big cake, decorated with houses and trees, then sprinkled with icing sugar. Though I wasn’t so fond of it a few days back when I was rushing to work and discovered that a thin layer is all that is needed to make the ground slippery and rolled my ankle. Luckily no real damage done just a little sore so I got up and carried on, somewhat slower though, yesterday bought some flat shoes with lots of grip. Lesson learnt (for now).
At first I found the cold horrible and kept getting really cold and miserable. Since then I have got better at dressing for the weather or more precisely dressing for what I am planning to do that day. If I am going to be outside for most of the time then thermals and layers and boots are needed, but if I am going to be inside most of the time then thermals aren’t needed (unless I am at one school I have been to lots then they are needed along with coat and scarf if we are going to the hall). Being out and about in the cold and snow is much more fun when your not freezing cold, though when in town there is always lots of coffee shops and pubs to warm up in.

Ahhh its snowing again, I could watch it for hours…
while inside leaning against the heater.

Its so pretty and magical I’m sure there is a story in there somewhere, maybe one about winter fairies that live in the trees.

Sorry off to daydream about fairies in trees now, more about adventures in snowland to come


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I am a full time mum to my two children, I blog very sporadically about life and things that interest me.

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