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Avebury Stones

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As we had hired a car for moving house yesterday we decided to go for a drive out to Avebury stones today.
The were amazing and you could walk in amongst them and even touch them unlike the Stone Henge (however they are much less complete). Whole place had a magical tinge to the edges especially when there was a teenage boy striding around wearing a clock (of camo pattern, looked rather home made). When he has on top of one of the mounds with the sun behind him and the cloak waving in the wind it was as if we had gone back in time and had arrived in the middle ages. Unfortunately we were both feeling like crap, with me having flu/very sore throat and Robbie starting to get it, we didn’t last very long and after a short walk and a visit to the cafe (I would recommend trying one of the pubs) we were more than ready to head back. However would love to go again another day and stop and see the white horse on the way. For anyone who was disappoint by being so far away from Stone Henge I recommend heading out there. Lots of walks, cute tiny village and lots of touchable stones.


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