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My First White Christmas

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I have been so excited about having a white Christmas for months now and its finally coming. I am sitting here at the kitchen table I was watching the snow fall into already coated back yard, looking at the pine trees covered in snow, the bare branches with a layer on snow built up on them that the birds (Robins, blackbirds and crows) keep knocking off. Its like I am in one of the many English/American Christmas carols that I grew up hearing. However I still can’t shake the feeling that it can’t be Christmas its NOT summer! And the concept of New Years in the freezing cold and not camping on a beach still breaks my brain. To compensate we are heading down to the coast for New Years, it wont be warm but at least there will be ocean.
I have now tried making snow angels (wearing a coat would have be a good idea, snow down my back was a little cold), snow balls (but the snow was too fluffy I just kept spraying Robbie with snow) and a snow man, which also kept crumbling in my hands. I think I will try again now the snow has been sitting for a couple of days. I also want to try sledding but I think I will wait until I get to the Peak District where we are staying for Christmas. I assume there will be hills there, why else would it be called the Peak District (For months I had been calling it the Peat district thinking it was full of peat, apparently I was wrong).
So excited.
Now I just have to stop my mind thinking that the white stuff covering everything is foam and that its really warm outside. It is in fact snow and it is currently -1, which is rather chilly. But I will just go check just to make sure…
Yup is snow, snow is cold. Wear warm clothes and shoes next time.


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