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What an amazing time this Christmas and New Years has been.
Spent a fab week in Consall, near Stoke on Trent for Christmas with family (not mine, Robbie’s) and friends, where we got up to lots of stuff but the highlights definitely included sliding down the hill outside the pub on a serving dish, going on a steam train in the snow with a basket of warm scones, jam, cream and most importantly champagne, and our game we invented after discovering ‘fighty cider’ which involves flipping coasters off the top of our glasses so it makes an awesome noise. There was also lots of wine drunk, board games played and exploring walks in the snow. Great people, great places awesome memories.
Robbie and I then headed for Brighton for New Years, where we had lots of fun exploring all the funky shops (and some how not buying anything, though I think that had more to do with the weight of our bags and that we could come back for a weekend trip that stopped us). We had a great night out with the highlight being watching the hundreds of the hot air balloon lantern things being set off all along the beach and watching them float up into the darkness, so beautiful!
Now we have arrived on the Isle of Wight, by hover craft!! That was very exciting after getting on we suddenly rose up, turned around on the sand and headed straight off over the water, an interesting sensation. Tomorrow we are going to go for long walks along the beach, wrapped in just a few layers (travelling in winter makes for much heavier bags), then on Monday we have to go home (the Oxford one) bugger!


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