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Painted in Blue part 1

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Down the hill he ran, swerving to the side to avoid running straight into a tree his shoes slide across the scoria. Grabbing a branch to keep his balance he quickly looked behind him, no sign of them now but that doesn’t mean they are gone. His heart was pounding and his breath was gasping but still he kept pushing himself.
He raced around the corner unsure as to how he was going to keep going when to his surprise he saw a sign with his name on it. He slowed down to get a better look. The sign was hand made of a piece of old board, nailed to a tree. It was written in a dark blue paint with drips running down it, it was obviously made in a rush. Pete scratched his head as he went around the corner wondering what it meant when he saw another sign this time attached to a bicycle which said
The fastest way
Ride this bike straight ahead for the next ten km then take the left road and carry onto the foot of the hill where you next instructs will be.

Pete wondered for a moment, who left this for me and do I trust them? He reached out for the bike, it seemed sturdy enough, the tires were pumped up and all the joins were tightly bolted. As he checked he noticed the paint was still wet, who ever it was can’t be too far ahead of me, I wonder who it was? Oh well will just have to trust them as riding with be much faster than I an go on foot he thought as he jumped on the bike and headed off. The road started off great but slowly got bumpier and bumpier until he finally reached the intersection. “Oh great” Pete mumbled to himself the sign said left but that’s a dirt road, a bumpy dirt road at that, maybe the right is a faster way to go? that way is a least sealed. Well the bike has been helpful and got me this far without letting me down maybe I will trust whoever this person is. Pete took off again down the dirt road avoiding as many pot holes as he could, but bumping along up and down anyway. He made slow progress but slow progress is better than no progress he thought to himself. His legs were now starting to ache as the dirt road went from flat to a slight incline gradually getting steeper and steeper. I wonder what they meant by foot of the hill, is this it? Its certainly starting to feel like it Pete thought to himself.


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I am a full time mum to my two children, I blog very sporadically about life and things that interest me.

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