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Painted in Blue part 3

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Pete’s legs were burning, he had been riding for several hours now and still no sign of the foot of the hill. Maybe the mysterious sign writer had given up on helping him. He kept on peddling wondering if he could afford to slow down a little now, after all he hadn’t seen them for hours. But slowing down while going up hill just makes it harder he decided and kept on pushing hoping that something would appear soon, some down hill perhaps. Then just ahead in the distance he saw something lying on the road, something blue. It was a foot off a manikin painted blue, leaving a dripping trail of paint to the edge of the road. Pete slowed down and jumped off his bike. He piked up the foot, the paint was slightly sticky but almost dry. Seeing no clue on the foot he decided to follow the paint drips, off the edge of the road, down a small ditch and into a small patch of trees. What am I doing Pete thought to himself, am I going mad? I am following the paint drips of a model foot. He pushed away the thick branches to see a motorbike. It was old and covered in mud but hopefully functional. Pete walks up to it for a closer look. He saw that on one side there was a branch covering something. He pulled it up and underneath it was a back pack. He opened it and found crackers, cheese, tuna and keys! Food! He was starving. He ripped them open and starting stuffing his face, biting the cheese straight of the block and using the crackers to scoop out the tuna. Feeling better he decided to check out what else was in the bag, a torch, a battered leather jacket, a chocolate bar and a bottle of water. Under the bag was a helmet. Pete threw on the coat and put everything else back in the bag, he would save the chocolate for later he though. Pulled the Helmet on and jumped on the bike. With a moan and a groan, not to mention a few strange noises it started up. Pete suddenly realised he didn’t know which was to go. He looked around desperately which way did he come from again? Then he saw it, up head there was a blue arrow painted on the tree. Off he went silently thanking the mysterious person who left all these things for him.


Author: kelliefish13

I am a full time mum to my two children, I blog very sporadically about life and things that interest me.

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