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Painted in blue part 0

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Evie was sitting in the bushes watching. Everything seemed to be going ok so far from what she could tell. They where in an clearing, sitting on the rocks and looked to be talking. Their faces were calm but Evie knew this could change at any moment. She hoped that this time they could find a solution but knew it was unlikely. She desperately wanted to over there and help, she had trained as a mediator only a few years ago and had dealt with some pretty sticky situations since. But she had been told that she wasn’t to interfere, it was all to dangerous. Pete was not to know she even knew what was going on. Evie wasn’t very fond of rules or being told she couldn’t do something, but in this case they had a point. But I can’t just leave him to fight for himself she thought as she watched, they were still sitting there looking calm but Evie knew this could all change in a minute she had been watching before.
She quickly scoped out their most likely leaving route and headed down in that direction. She needed to know when they left but needed to make some phone calls first. Eliza had worked out a way to solve her problem, or at least one of them, not the main one but this will work towards it.


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I am a full time mum to my two children, I blog very sporadically about life and things that interest me.

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