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Wow I have been here a whole year.

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Well actually a year and 13 days to be exact, and Oh boy I am not the same person I was when I left NZ.
I arrived in Coventry excited, nervous and absolutely shattered after an extremely long flight. Full of wonder and awe of this new country which seemed to have all its colours muted but vaguely resembled many movies from my childhood with rows of houses stuck together and people talking funny.
The weather was cold but a few patches of snow made it worth it, I have never seen snow falling before.
So many new things to see I went a little made with Castles for a while and I think I saw 13 in 4 months or something like that, don’t ask me which ones I only remember the cool ones. Not all castles are created equal and time changes that too. My favourite castles are the falling apart ones.
I love seeing new places and meeting new friends. My house mates in Cov were fab and taught me lots!
Teaching here was an experience too, slightly different curriculum, teaching styles, classroom set ups but overall not really that different. Accents however at first caused a few misunderstandings and miscommunication, along with a few occasions where nothing was being communicated at all (the blank stares give it away), trying to understand 3 year olds with strong brummy accents was rather tricky for a while but we got there. And then there were the word differences with the most hilarious (to the kids at least) being pants, which here means underwear and has caught me out far too many times.
As a teacher I have become a lot more confident in behaviour management (meaning a strict and mean when an older class muck about, or positive and over the top in the lower ones and almost anything in between). I no longer care that occasionally when I walk into a year 6 class I over here whispers of oh no not her again, we will have to do some work (though I do love it when they are really happy to see me back).
Seeing so many different plans, classrooms, teaching styles means I now have a much bigger knowledge base to work from. Teaching different ages means I have more of an understanding of the progressions and stages children go through.
Along with that I have met and worked with so many amazing wonderful children and know that we have lots of hope for our future.
Supply teaching has been the best professional development I have ever had.

Personally I have grown up heaps. Become more knowledgeable, so much amazing history here that is fascinating to learn about. I care about my appearance more, I have even taken up wearing dresses and make up regularly. Plus I am going out having fun and meeting new people more often, something I normally hate doing, I like having my close friends and sticking to them. So many other things too, will comment on them later.

This year has been amazing, how has your year been?? What have you learnt?


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I am a full time mum to my two children, I blog very sporadically about life and things that interest me.

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