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Painted in Blue part -1

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Pete looked at his phone, ten minutes until it was time to met them. He had already checked out the spot where they were going to meet, looking for multiple escape routes and where they were likely to hide extra men. Pete knew what they wanted but he also knew what he wanted, freedom for himself and his sister and wasn’t going to give in until he had it.
Taking a deep breath, in and out, trying to slow his mind down. He had something they wanted, they had something he wanted should be an easy trade he thought, knowing full well it wont be. He thought back to when his parents were alive and he and his sister knew nothing of this nightmare, and nightmare it was . A secret so tantalising they would do anything to find it. That was what Pete had, knowledge and a small family heirloom that put some of the pieces together. But not all the pieces, that was the problem Pete knew that they would think he was holding something back and would never leave him alone. His Great Grandfather was a wealthy man and was planning to leave all his money to his children. But somehow he got this idea into his head that someone was out to get it so he hid it all, leaving instead to each of his 4 children a clue and a family heirloom as to where to find his fortune. Two generations on and still no one had worked it out and most of the family decided that he had lost most of it somehow before he died and hadn’t changed his will. Apart from his two Uncles, Sam and Joe, who had instead decided that everyone was hiding something from each other and if they only put all the clues together at once the puzzle would be solved. Unfortunately they weren’t very nice people and greed was getting the better of them. They had stolen two of the pieces and taken by force one more. Pete now had the only one remaining, which his parents had left him after their fatal car crash, the only instructions they left, do not let Sam and Joe get it. Pete was certain there was more they had meant to tell him but they never got their chance.

Pete took one last deep breath and walked calmly across the clearing. Hello Uncle Sam, Uncle Jo he said, his voice not giving away how nervous he felt. What can I do for you today?


Author: kelliefish13

I am a full time mum to my two children, I blog very sporadically about life and things that interest me.

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