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I got my kindle a week ago and found it weird to start with, until I started reading then I forgot about it and loved it. Still loving it. My main reason for buying it is that it is light and can hold many books so when I am travelling its way more convenient than carry multiple books. But a plus is that a lot of classic novels are free on it which is great as I have been slowly trying to make my way through them while in England.

But to go travelling with it I apparently need a cover to keep it safe from other stuff in my bag according to amazon. Fair enough I keep all sorts of crap in my bag that could scratch it or get it icky. So I looked at all their recommended ones, they looked ok some better than others but not really worth 25 pounds and up. So I made my own. Out of the felt I had left over from the creatures I made before Christmas. It doesn’t protect from bending but it does keep the stuff out.

Here is how I made it.
First I chose the colours (based on what I had left, I chose the only ones I had left in favour of going outside again) decided that wasn’t interesting enough so cut out red dots (using a bottle of almond essence to draw around for the circle, it was a good size) and stitched them on.

having done that I attached ribbons to tie it closed

Then used bright red blanket stitch around the edges.

This didn’t turn out quite how I envisioned it but I decided to keep going to see how it looked, then it seemed a lot to undo and do again so I left it. The uneven stitching does give it that ‘home made style’ but I think if I were to do it again I would stitch it inside out then turn it out so you couldn’t see it. Oh well live and learn.

Finished product


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