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Which is more exciting Rock climbing or Italy?

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Yesterday I finally found a rock climbing place in Oxford! Actually a friend told me about it and we went together, and I think I did kinda know about it but I had decided as, as it was in a uni gym it would be crap. Turns out I was wrong, and it was awesome I forgot how much I love climbing. Even more so as I can go bouldering (without the harness on slightly shorter walls, with massive pads covering the floor). So much more freedom, and no stupid harness in the way, though I did have a few moments near the end when I was at the top of the wall where I really wanted someone to belay me down, instead of climbing a bit lower then jumping. My muscles were tired!

So now I am more excited about going climbing again on Monday that I am about going to Italy next Saturday. Which seems rather wrong, but I have a feeling its more to do with the known verses the unknown. I know what to expect when going climbing and I don’t really for going to Italy. So many new experiences to have!

It will be my first trip to a Country that doesn’t speak English, where I don’t have a friend there to show me around. So it will be up to Robbie and I to work it out and find ways to communicate.
So I have been trying to learn Italian for a few months now and it turns out that learning a language is not easy and takes time and lots of practise. Rather unfortunate if you ask me. I have found that learning vocab is fairly easy but rather slow as there as sooooooo many words to learn, its putting them into sentences that is hard. Especially when there is masculine and feminine to think of too. On the plus side I am really enjoying it and hopefully I can try and put it to use on our trip, though it will probably mean I make some terrible mistakes like ordering fish flavoured ice cream or something.


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