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I both love and hate packing! I love thinking about what I am going to wear for different activities and places. I hate trying to remember the important things and picking up my bag at the end and realising its far heavier than I wanted it to be.

Last night I started packing for Italy (I like to spread it out) and got all my clothes pack. Robbie looked at how much I have packed and said, “your taking all of that?” I looked at my 2 and a half packing cubes (fantastic things) and said “yes.” ” What have you got in there?” So I explained to which he added “no jeans?” so I added jeans. Which means some how I ended up with more stuff instead of less.

So today I am looking at the weather forecast, new approach for me trying to work out what I can take out. Weather forecast is unhelpful, it says highs between 20-25 with chances of rain. So it will be warm but not that warm and I should take a rain coast too. Plus we are going away for 14 days, with little chance of a washing machine on the way. I need all these clothes. Hmmm just realising how much like a girl I sound. Ok time to take out 5 items.

Ok make that two items but really I want to put more in. Gah! Head explodes.

What are your packing tips? How do you keep your luggage light?


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