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Eating while travelling.

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Eating is one of those things that isn’t optional.

Sleeping is the other main one.

However when travelling with a vegetarian through countries in which we don’t speak the language eating is the more challenging one. We often find ourselves spending ages wandering around trying to find somewhere that is in our price range, has something that Robbie can and wants to eat, doesn’t look like its going to try and rip us off because we are tourists. But I think part of our problem is being indecisive.

Sometimes we find things that we thought were safe, those frites in Brussels which were actually cooked in beef fat, are actually not. Which we realised after eating them when we had this weird meaty taste left in our mouths. Luckily its a choice not an allergy and we could say bugger and learn for next time.

We have found some ways to make it easier
1. Find out what the word/s for vegetarian is and no meat then ask before sitting down/ordering.

2.Go for places that you know serve vegetarian food such as Indian or Thai. We don’t use this that often as we like to try and find the locale specialities, even if only I can eat all of it.

3. Get an app for your phone that translates menus. Only works if you have a flashy phone.

4. Get a list of words of different kinds of meat and learn to recognise them, then read the labels as usual.

5. Look online for places that are vege friendly, some places have website set up for this purpose.

6. Since I do eat meat we can order what we think are two vege meals and if one turns out to be meat then becomes mine.

Any more helpful hints or horror stories


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