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Home is where your sleeping tonight, or where the heart is, your choice.

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My Home when I lived briefly in Coventry

I have a very broad view of what I call home. Some days it spans countries, other days it goes half way around the world.
For me home can be anything from the country I am from (New Zealand), my parents house, The towns I grew up in (Hamilton and Waiuku), my current house (England), The hostel/hotel I am staying in that night (last week in Belgium).
Apparently I have a bad habit of saying home multiple times in a sentence or conversation and each time with a different meaning. I tend to think in pictures so each time I say home I have a different picture in my head to show me which one I am thinking of, why can’t other people see that! Actually hold on a minute I think I am quite glad people can’t see all the images that come through my head… I have the same problem with friends who have the same name only spelt differently, you mean you can’t hear in my voice that I mean Nic, not Nick? Gah!
But any way back on subject, what was it again oh home that’s right.
I think home is where your heart is but its also where ever you choose it to be, and right now I choose it to be lots of places, so no matter where I am I will always be at home.
What does home mean to you?


Author: kelliefish13

I am a full time mum to my two children, I blog very sporadically about life and things that interest me.

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