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Special places


I was thinking about all the places that my family had been to and how important they were to us at the time and still today.
Here are my two places, places I hope to bring my own children one day.

Kariotahi Beach – apart from being an amazingly beautiful place with its rugged and wild waves, cliffs and black sand. Its a place were we spent a lot of time when we were growing up. It was 15 mins drive from where we lived in summer we would spend days there alternating swimming and lying in the warm (hot) black sand. In winter we would climb the cliffs, engrave our names on their exposed edges. We all spent sometime as a lifeguard in the surf club (our parents required that we had to) where we learnt respect for the water, waves, rips and alcohol. Its a place we all still go back to when ever we can, sometimes as a family, sometimes with friends or partners, and sometimes by ourselves.

Snells Beach – This is where my Grandparents lived until recently and where we spent many of our holidays even after we left home. It is almost a complete opposite beach from Kariotahi, calm water, no cliffs but instead a park, and a tide that goes out for miles. But the most important thing was the massive Pohutakawa tree with a rope swing in it, often called the hutabikawa tree from a time when Troy and Tess couldn’t say it properly. Recently Tess went there with a friend of ours and took photos of them in the tree, I still know every part of that tree, every tangled foothold.

These are all place which I would call home and part of me. What places are like that for you? Places that you will always go back to, whenever you can?

Here is the post I got the inspiration from

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2 thoughts on “Special places

  1. Isn’t is wonderful the way “place” can cradle us? How lucky you have been to have been to so many special places with your family. And thank you for your kind words on my blog about the Daffodil Park. Like you, I hope my son will cherish the memory of that space as he grows older. It is a romantic place. I don’t even mind being thrown over for someone he loves, as long as he takes that person there! 😉

  2. I’m sure he will, you never know he might take both of you there.

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