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One of the things I posted early was that one of the reasons I blog is to help improve my writing and spelling by practising. Today I was filling out application forms to do a TEFL course, teaching English as a foreign language. It asked some really hard questions to do with grammar, well actually the initial question wasn’t hard, it was the explain your answer part that was. Somehow I didn’t think because sentence A sounds right and sentence B sounds wrong was quite what they were looking for. It took me a while but I got to an answer and it had to do with singular pronouns generally use was and plural pronouns generally use were. Turns out there is a big difference between knowing something and explaining why (though I did know this I had just never used it in this context).
Another question asked me to compare teaching a language to teaching mathematics, in answering this questions I worked under the assumption they were really different and pointed out many of the differences. However now that my brain has slowly had time to tick it over, maybe they aren’t that different at all. And perhaps treating it more like maths would make it easier seeing as I always enjoyed maths. Well maybe not the whole language just grammar and spelling. This is why I think they are similar – There are rules, they may come with exceptions but in general knowing what the rules are will help you work out how to pronounce or spell a word, know were to put all that pesky punctuation, and even how to set up a sentence.
Turns out knowing the rules helps, pity I didn’t learn half of them in the first place, but I am trying to learn now. I have had many eye opening moments while preparing to teach phonics (something I wasn’t taught and is great fun to teach to English children in a New Zealand accent) where I suddenly realised that those two vowels together made that particular sound, every time. Or how the magic e made the middle sound long, another thing that I had missed as a child and had only worked out from what I heard or saw in books. I have also bought myself a book awhile ago now that is full of mnemonics and rhymes to help you remember everything from grammar rules to history that I need to look at again and stop just reading the fun songs in the history part.
I am really excited about doing a course about teaching someone to learn a language and learning more about the language I speak, read and write in. I really wish I hadn’t always been stuck in the belief that I was not good enough in English since I keep finding more and more parts of it that I really enjoy.


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  1. What is the book that has mnemonics and rhymes in it? Sounds interesting!

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