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Italy was a wirlwind adventure where we saw so much art, architecture and pizza we fired our brains.
But we had a blast.

Robbie and Milan Basilica

Our journey started as we travelled by train through Paris and Switzerland which although it meant a long time on the train we got to see some amazing scenery especially through Switzerland with its amazing lakes and mountains. We kept putting off going down to the dinner carriage for food until it became dark so we could no longer see the spectacular views.
We arrived in Milan where we stayed with a friendly couch surfer who showed us around the next day, through beautiful squares and parks where we came across a bouldering and speed climbing competition. It was amazing to see how fast they could climb up the wall, I am sure some of the just jumped up it. Last of all he showed us though the most ornate and huge Cathedral (Basilica) I have ever seen. It was made of a beautiful white stone and every part of it inside and out was covered with art, be it carving, statues, paintings etc I think I just stood there and stared with my mouth open for quite some time. NZ definitely doesn’t have anything like it. We said goodbye to our fantastic host and jumped on another spectacularly scenic trip along the coast to Pisa.
Pisa turned out to be my favourite place with its pizza by the metre brought out of huge metal trays that got put on the bars sticking out from your table, to the tiny university town feel with its narrow streets and lots people out wandering late into the night. We stayed in a hostel and our room had a 400 year old glass wall that looked out into the street made up of 100s of colour square glass and warning signs to be careful, and although it let the street noise in it was beautiful to wake up to in the morning. That day we set of to see the leaning tower which was very cool and looked surreal, we discovered that there was several other buildings there too and museums.

Leaning tower Goodness

My favourite building was the Camposanto Monumentale which would have been so easy to miss. From the outside its a boring looking long building tucked behind everything, but the moment you get inside that all changes. It is a big rectangle with the middle opening out to a small garden the light through the windows is amazing and so it the old frescos they are restoring on the wall, there are statues along the walls and the whole place is just beautiful, if you get the chance don’t miss it.

Me in the middle of my favourite building

After lots of picture taking, museums and other touristy things our brains felt like they were about to burst which made it time for Gelato and our next train. Florence was our next destination which I will write about in the next post.


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  1. i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

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