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Italy – Florence, the learning curve.

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Florence Briges at sunset
Florence was an amazing place and I’m sure we walked around and through the city at least 3 times a day, partly because we kept getting lost and partly because there was always something going on, something to see that we had missed. It is a city full of art and there is no way that we could see it all in 3 days, but we gave it a good try. We learnt a lot in Florence about travelling and sight seeing. Lesson number 1. Plan what you want to see, at least a little bit and order them into what you really want to see and what would be cool if it fits in. Then circle them on the map and work out which group of things you want to see that day. We of course didn’t do that and instead spent lots of time walking in circles and missing some of the things we did want to see. Plus we had really really sore legs by the end of the day.
Lesson number 2. 1 big museum or art gallery in a day is plenty. We tried doing more and found that after the first one we had had enough and stopped reading the signs and looking at things properly and appreciating them. Why wait in line, pay lots of money for things that you no longer care about seeing because you are tired and overwhelmed.
Lesson number 3. Lines are long, get up early and line up before they open or book in advance and pay extra. When your only there for a couple of days 4 hours is much to long to be standing in line. Luckily we worked this out by looking at the length of the line and not by standing in it, neither of us would survive 4 hours in line, the one hour we waited before opening was bad enough, even with yummy pastries.
Lesson number 4 afternoon naps/breaks are really really good. Spending some time lying down and reading a book or watching tv gives your legs and brain a rest so you can carry on later with out being grumpy and horrible, not that we were ever grumpy and horrible… nooooooo.
Lesson number 5. We both need sometime in green spaces eg parks etc. On our last day we took the bus to the top of a near by hill which had parks at the top and chilled out and took cool photos out over the city (we also like going places high up), and had a really good time and felt much better afterwards.
Florence was where we really got challenged and we came through the other end and still had a great time.

Robbie up high.


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One thought on “Italy – Florence, the learning curve.

  1. I can’t believe I missed your whole vacation! It looks like it was wonderful! I loved visiting Italy back in the 90s, and it was life changing. I love the sculpture, the respect for architecture. Nothing gets torn down in Italy, you know? We don’t have that same ethos here. Glad you had a blast.

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