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Rome – We are getting the hang of this.

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Our next stop was Rome where we had learnt our lessons and where much more organised (or at least Robbie was). We made a list of things that we wanted to see and sorted them into musts and coulds, plotted them on a map and found that mostly they grouped together nicely, yay go us! Our hotel was really really close to the train station which was a massive bonus, though I had planned it that way when booking but didn’t realise how useful it was. It meant when we arrived it was easy to find and a short walk. It also had a metro station so when ever we wanted t go somewhere it was really easy to get too, and to get back to our beds once we were tired and on our way home again.
So turns out Rome is massive, which for some reason came as a big surprise for me. But it is well set up for tourists, they had 3 day tourist passes for all public transport, which makes it much cheaper and easier. Which you can get on its own or in a Roma pass which gets you in 2 historic things free and the rest discounted, we really should have got one of these but had a little trouble working out what was included so weren’t sure if we needed one. Would have been good but oh well.
We had a blast going around and seeing the amazing old things, I was blown away by how big most of them are, especially considering how old they are.
I kept getting scared by crossing the road, the cars seem to go so fast and don’t stop for you at a crossing unless you start walking out onto the road, a few times I had my eyes close for the first part as Robbie lead me across and we went on a few odd route so we could use the crossings with lights on them, I think you could get used to them it would just take me awhile.
We learnt that in the evening lots of the fountains (I loved the Trevi fountain)and monuments are full of tourists but in the day you can actually get to see them.One of the other fountains
We were glad we went to Vatican City and saw the Sistine Chapel but didn’t actually enjoy it that much since it took such a long time of going through different rooms (all filled with amazing art) were we were jammed in with hundreds of other people we had had enough by the time we got there and just wanted to escape. The Chapel definitely lost its appeal when there was standing room only everyone was talking and taking photos(even though there are signs everywhere saying no photos, silence), so the guards kept yelling at them. We finally found a little corner with seats against the wall to tuck ourselves into for a little while so we could look at the art and I started to enjoy it again but was still disappointed as that was something I had been looking forward to seeing for a long time.
However the next day was Easter Sunday and we got to see the Pope give the service(?) from the front of St Peters Basilica which although we were miles away, and I’m not at all religious, I really enjoyed. Even more so after I had found a toilet. We found all over Italy water is easy to find there are lots of places to fill up water bottles for free, toilets on the other hand are hard to find and often expensive (I promise never to moan about London prices again.
Other we loved were
-Colosseum huge, amazing history and currently full of cats.

Feeling a wee bit small in the Colosseum

-The Roman Forum also huge, covering lots and lots of space but with a huge range of different things. Bring food though we didn’t and didn’t have any idea how big it was so were really really hungry and missed a few things at the end. We could have spent most of the day there.

Chillin out in the Roman Forum

-Castel Sant’Angelo, was even cooler afterwards when watching Angels and Demons on a rainy day and going I have been there! Plus it has a cool bridge leading up to it.
-The really big park we went to and wandered around, green space needed plus we saw turtles.
And to finish off the Gelato was amazing, Robbie couldn’t handle his chilli chocolate scoop though, turns out ice cream can burn


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