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Venice – Time to Relax and Enjoy


We loved Venice, it was beautiful, quaint and relaxed. There was nothing in particular we had to see but instead wander through the tiny alley ways, over and along the canals and just soak up the atmosphere. Which is just what we did.
I loved wandering and getting lost, on purpose I kept making Robbie put the map away so we could do it properly as each pathway lead us somewhere new and if we kept our eyes open there would be something interesting to look at, whether it be a boat in the water, one of the many animals carved into the walls of the houses, the Maddonas which seemed to be on the corner of nearly every building, the yummy thick hot chocolate, gelato, gelato, gelato, being so close to the water which looked gorgeous (but smelt funny and your not meant to touch it as it still has sewage running into it very disappointing), the beaches in Lido, hiring bikes on Lido, the fruit and vege markets… and everything it just had a really nice feel to it.

Yay Beach!

One of the many Madonnas on the walls

Winged Lions, very common in Venice for some reason

Cycling on Lido

One of the many tiny canals


Author: kelliefish13

I am a full time mum to my two children, I blog very sporadically about life and things that interest me.

2 thoughts on “Venice – Time to Relax and Enjoy

  1. I have a hilarious story about being in Venice. When I went, it was really rainy for a few days. There just so happened to be a Little People of the World convention. You know, dwarfs, midgets, etc. Well, I’m not known for my phobias, but I do have a few. Okay, yes, lice — but also, I don’t like sharp things near my eyes. And these Little People’s umbrellas were all just below my eye level.

    They were freaking me out.

    Not the Little People: their dang umbrellas.

    Let’s just say I stayed inside until it stopped raining. 😉

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