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Robbie and I spent 4 days in Belgium, 2 in Brugge and 2 in Brussels. We went over for the jazz fest in Brussels.

Canals everywhere.

Brugge was fantastic and reminded us a lot of Venice, Small, old, full of weird nooks, lots of canals… same yucky smell coming from them. Though the yucky smell wasn’t as bad as it was in Venice. Seriously people sewage system! Everyone must do it or its just yucky.

Belgium Chocolate.. YUM!

Lots of chocolate shops, at one point Robbie told me No more chocolate shops! though the next day he was pulling me back in them under the excuse that he had to bring something back for his work mates. We bought quite a lot and still have quite a bit of it. They were really pretty with lots of unique designs, some of the flavours were great but most were just the usual flavours you get every where which was a little disappointing but fun to test them out any way. Though in saying that we still have lots left even after sharing some with our flatmates.

Our hotel in Brugge was really cute with really good use of the tiny space, however the toilet door could have been a lot thicker!

The Basilica of the holy blood was amazing, from the outside it looks like a tiny weird old building, but then you discover that’s just the stairs and the actually Basilica is to the side. the walls were all painted and the pulpit looked like it had come from a fantasy movie. I thought it was far more impressive than the Sistine chapel.

Jazz Fest stage

Brussels was fun but I think it would be a bit boring with nothing on. We really enjoyed the jazz fest but were a bit disappointed that most of the stuff was only on in the evenings so we couldn’t see as many different bands as they were often all playing at the same time. However this did give us some more time to explore the city and find many of the cartoon walls spread out around the city which turned into quite a fun game and we even found a geo cache along the way.



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One thought on “Belgium

  1. That chocolate looks DIVINE!
    I am frantically trying to catch up on all your blogs before you get home again hehe.

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