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The next day was beach day, and the weather was perfect. We spent the day on the beach entertaining ourselves by
-Playing with poi and teaching Laura and Troy who both kept hitting themselves much to our amusement and Troy looked hilarious with my bright pink fluffy pair.

Troy looking manly with pink fluffy poi.

– Racing down to the water and diving in, then getting out shortly afterwards. Turns out the water really doesn’t warm up and the British aren’t just wimps.

Racing to the water

-Eating ice cream, there was a fantastic place that had sooo many yummy different flavours. So we had to make 2 trips there. I think my favourite flavour was rhubarb and custard, with the rhubarb not frozen and all gooey instead.

-Making a giant pool in the sand that captured the water as the waves came in. Going to the beach without playing in the sand just isn’t as fun.Our private spa

That evening we meet up with two of our friends and had fish and chips on the pier, which we had to guard closely from the seagulls that were trying to steal them. It didn’t help that the boys had attracted them buy throwing the chips up into the air for them to catch, which was funny until they started swooping at us!

As we headed off to walk down to the end we saw a group of people all looking intently at the water so I raced off to see what they were looking at. In the beautiful clear water below us floated two seals staring right back at us, I think they thought we were as amusing as we found them. We watched them for ages as the floated lazily about, watching all the people take photos of them, they really do look like huge sea puppies. Eventually another seal arrived and then all three slowly made their way back around the pier and off in the distance.


The sun went down with a beautiful sunset over the town, it was a perfect ending to a perfect day.


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