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The rest of Cornwall.

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Wow for a short trip Cornwall had ended up with lots of posts. Oh well the last one may have something to do with how much I miss the beach, just maybe.
The next day we headed to the St Ives Tate art gallery while Troy and Anna went off for a surf, to which I was throwing a minor tantrum as my midwife had specifically banded surfing (and rock climbing) and I wanted to go surfing dammit! Not helped by being kept awake half the night by sea gulls squawking and now feeling nauseous and light headed (two of the reasons my midwife gave for not letting me go surfing or rock climbing).
We headed up the stairs to the Tate and could see from the entrance what looked like a room filled with balloons, with people playing in it! My mood changed dramatically!
The balloon room was amazing, filled with huge white balloons to my shoulder height it was easy to get buried. Best art exhibition ever!

Balloon room!

Then we headed off to Lands end, it was a long slow drive through lots of narrow windy roads and the weather was getting slowly worse, no more beautiful sunshine cold damp and misty instead. I was feeling much worse. We finaly made it to the car park which looked like the entrance to a small crappy theme park not the beautiful cliffs and rough sea I had pictured. Luckily past the fast food stands, games arcade, and helicopter on a stand the beautiful landscape did exist, but to get right to the end there was a rather long looking walk and of course to the end we must go. It was gorgeous, in the damp misty grey green way of England.

Giants and Hobbits live side by side at Lands End

Next was off to Mount St Michael, oh wait, I mean St Michael’s Mount, a little island with a small castle on it that you can walk to in low tide. Walking there wasn’t a problem as there was a stone walk way on the way back however the tide had come in and the walk way was rapidly disapeering. Now we could have taken the ferry but we decided that we hadn’t done enough stupid stuff (walking in the steps on the pier that said danger keep off didn’t count) so we rolled up or took off anything that went below our knees and set off. Anna was too short and wearing tight jeans so had to be carried across the deep bits. But it was refreshing and fun, just what we needed. as the weather was getting worse we headed back to St Ives, them to the pub, me to my bed.

The Next day we were off to Devon to stay with Laura’s friends parents in their very cool old house in the country side (aka middle of no where). It was one of those houses that are hundreds of years old, with exposed huge timber beams running across the ceiling, rooms that join together in a maze like way, with doors so low I had to stoop to get through plus an Aga instead of an oven (which we had fun cooking our toast on in the morning.
On the way we stopped at King Arthurs Castle (well according to some legends anyway) with Merlins cave on the beach at the bottom of the cliffs. It was spectacular to say the least built on the top of the cliffs with the sea crashing down at the bottom it was the perfect place to stay in the case of the zombie apocalypse (another thing we have spent waaaaay to long discussing). All the buildings were crumbling away merging back into the rocks which they came from. We took millions of photos.Merlins cave behind me


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