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HIghlands of Scotland part 0.5

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Whoops since going through my photos it turn out I missed out a whole heap of our trip. Well at least two main things anyway.
Before heading to John O’Groats we stopped at Culloden Battle field just out of Inverness. We walked around the battle field looking at the flags showing where each side had lined up (and noticed how well back the leaders both were), it was windy and cold and the ground was wet and boggy. It must have been hard work just to move towards each other without getting their feet stuck. A very sad place, lots of markers showing where the clans were buried.


The other part I forgot was the visit to Robbie’s family castle. Though its not entirely sure that it once was owned by the MacKays but there is a story that goes with it about him hiding in a cave nearby.The Castle Either way we walked up and had a look, giving Robbie lots of shit for his tiny falling down Castle, not minding that the non of the rest of us had one at all, details details.

In the Castle

Plus it had a really cool view.


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