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Highlands of Scotland Part 2

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From Durness we headed slightly inland and headed through tiny one way road with passing places (not for passing away as I kept thinking but for passing other cars, or as we used them, taking photos).

A place for passing

The amount of uninhabited space was amazing, filling with the gorgeous multicoloured heather, tumbling down crofter stone houses and a million tiny waterfalls. Everything was wet, even when it wasn’t raining the air was misty and damp.
Which made it so spectacular and desolate, uplifting and saddening all at the same time. I can see why there are so many fairy tales from Scotland, the whole place tingles with magic.
We were aiming to get to Skye that night but after deciding to take the more scenic route that wasn’t going to happen so we set about looking for a place to camp which included some interesting car turning around skills from Robbie. In the end we found a spot in a small forest, just up from a sea reaching Loch. Which we found while finding the best place to set up, along with a swing which of course Troy and I made good use off while setting up (it happened to be in between our campsite and the car, we needed to test it each trip).

Troy on the Swing.

After our tents where set up we set off with a bottle of wine, plastic cups and towels down to the edge of the loch. The others stripped to their underwear and jumped in, I carefully put one foot in and discovered in was freeeeeeeezing, my foot was numb from the moment it touched the water. So I was the towel bringer instead.

Our campsite

After getting out wine was quickly dispersed and we sat on the edge watching the sun go down, serene and peaceful. The way back to the tents was a little more tricky given it was now dark and we had to pass by a tumbled down stone house which even in day light looked haunted, I tried to pretend it wasn’t there and looked at the path which was a rather good idea as it was muddy and stoney.
The next morning we headed off early, though Troy and I managed more time on the swing, to Kyle of Lochalsh for a short coffee and toilet stop before heading over the bridge to Skye. I must admit I was rather disappointed to see just how close Skye is to the mainland, however I should have known better since I was basing that assumption purely on Skye boat song.
Apparently they used to swim the cattle across and now have a swimming race across as well.
Our adventures in Skye will be in my next update.
Any stories of places you have been disappointed by, especially ones you were really looking forward to?


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