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From Seoul we had another 11 hour flight unfortunately in economy again and sitting across the isle from each other, but after our last flight we couldn’t really complain… much.

Both our families were waiting at the airport for us and we were very pleased to see them! My rather expanded belly was the source of great interest with lots of hands on it then a few jabs when he refused to move for them (a game he kept up for quite some time much to their disappointment). A short stop at my parents house to drop of luggage and have a not so short shower. It was out to lunch, where upon not being able to decide what I wanted my sister and I shared two dishes, so good having my sisters back again. Then off to Mission bay for a walk along the beach followed by ice cream, one of my favourite things to do/places to go since uni. So good having sand between my toes again and the beautiful view of Rangitoto in the back ground and both our families to catch up with. I was HOME!

The first month back we were super busy
-going down to Lake Rotoiti with Robbie’s family and catching up with all of them, Robbie wakeboarding while I floated in the lake.
– House hunting and finding
– Robbie heading of to Kenya for a work trip
– Moving in and through the generosity of our amazing family and friends having furniture and things to put in our house that they pretty much put in our house for us.
– Getting all the baby stuff we need and working out what it all is.
– Catching up with people and having a baby shower.
– Going to beaches!

It all made for a very exciting month now understand why the pregnancy guides and books recommended not making any dramatic life changes at 7 months along.We succeeded but it would not have been possible without all the help and support of our families. So great to be back with them again.

What mad things would


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I am a full time mum to my two children, I blog very sporadically about life and things that interest me.

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