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Moving home via Seoul, South Korea

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Wow its been a long time but I have been a little busy.

We are now back in New Zealand (Yay) with a house and all set up, just waiting for the baby to arrive (well we think so at least).

But what an adventure getting here.

We left the UK on the 5th of January having had Christmas with friends and family that are currently living over there and had a great time in a gorgeous converted barn, the only thing missing was the snow.

Our flight from London to Seoul was fantastic having been upgraded to business class as they had over booked the plane and we were there early. I could pretty much lie down in my seat and as a result actually slept, I never sleep on planes! Though I think I am spoiled for life for flying, business class was a million times better than economy.

Robbie tucking in to the 2nd course

Seoul was fantastic and much much easier than we expected especially with food (with me being pregnant and Robbie a vegetarian) mostly we could point at pictures on the menu or at the plastic models on display which was great as although we had our lonely planet with a language guide we were having great difficulty pronouncing and getting out tongues around some of the words. But the best meal was when we went to a Monastery styled restaurant, which meant everything was vegan so we could both eat without worrying. We walked in and took off our shoes and were taken over to a low table with cushions where upon sitting down we discovered the floor was heated, so good. First we were brought tea, no idea what kind but it was good. Then they brought out a huge platter of weird but yummy options, once we had finished another arrived just as good.

Some of the million bowls of food.

Once that was cleared away a million small bowls arrived, well maybe not quite a million but lots. Each filled with something different, this was my least favourite course but upon meeting up with Robbie’s new work mate (He has started a new job since arriving back that is based overseas) we found out that we were meant to be mixing them all together in the bowl with the rice. Which may have explained all the strong (and weird) flavours when we tried them all separately, oh well live and learn. Last was dessert of sweet puffed rice cakes and a cool sweet cinnamon tea. It was amazing, the setting was beautiful and required no ordering, all the food just arrived.
The next day we went to a beautiful tea house with yummy fruit teas and cute notes from all their customers from all over the world.
I would go back to Seoul just for all the different yummy foods and teas. We also had fun walking through the markets watching food being prepared then pointing at what we wanted.


We also visited one of the Palaces and did a tour around the secret garden, not the best time of year for it being middle of winter and all the trees and plants looking rather dead. But I can imagine in any other season it would have been spectacular. The building were beautiful and intricate and a refreshing change from Europe with such a different style. However being 7 months pregnant was not to my advantage and after walking up and down the many hills of the secret garden I was shattered and ready to sit down and relax in the tea rooms/gift shops.

Some of the locks behind me, the ones of us attaching the lock didn't come out so well. I can't take photos of both of us very well.

My highlight of the trip however was N Seoul tower where we attached a love padlock to the edge of the bridge enjoyed the view and had ice cream while watching the culture display.

Travelling when you can’t just walk everywhere was a new idea for us so we planned this trip and what we were going to do much more than what we normally would and it paid off. We kept our itinerary limited and went back to our hotel when we were done which meant we felt tired but successful at the end of each day and had a great trip.


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