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This morning I put mosturiser on my toothbrush


I cried because Robbie was going to take the last piece of the really yummy pie to work for lunch.

Earlier this week I locked myself out of the house.

The week before I put the frozen peas away in the pantry where Robbie found them several hours later sitting in a puddle and completely defrosted.

I can no longer count how many times I have left the house with one side of my nursing bra unclipped.

I have done hundreds of other stupid little things as well.

Its not baby brain, I am tired!

Tomorrow Little Moo will be 6 months old (where did that time go?) and he is yet to sleep for more then 4 hours at a time, normally around 3 and on bad days he is up hourly.

I know there are hundreds of different methods which are meant to make babies sleep and for many people these methods work, that’s great. I know about many of them and have chosen not to use them I am not after advice.

Most days I am still full of energy that I pull from who knows where, that I have kept going, kept functioning for this long baffles me. Must be the magic Mummy hormones.

But Today I am tired.

And extremely grateful that I have such a wonderful partner, who after seeing my face gave me the pie and a big hug. Who will come home from work and finish all my half started chore around the house without saying a thing. Its the little things that make the difference.

What silly things have you done recently? What are you grateful for?


Author: kelliefish13

I am a full time mum to my two children, I blog very sporadically about life and things that interest me.

2 thoughts on “This morning I put mosturiser on my toothbrush

  1. Omigoodnesss! Already over 6 months! Congratulations! So exciting. And exhausting. Oh yes. I did all kinds of stooopid stuff when Tech was a wee Monkey. I love that you call him Little Moo. That’s lovely right now.

    A few years ago, Tech (now 13) decided he was absolutely NOT answering to Monkey anymore.

    That was a sad day.

    Enjoy this if you can.

    And if you can’t, find a place where mommies hang out! 😉 Gymboree saved my life.

    • It has gone incredibly fast and I am not looking forward to the day that he tells me I can no longer call him all the silly names I do now. Most days I love it and I have two great Mothers groups for the not so good days.
      Wow 13 years I can’t even imagine that right now.

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