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Making Dribble bibs

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Stuff you need

  • Pretty outer layer – I used cotton drill which I found in the end of rolls bin at the fabric shop and a stretchy cotton left over from a receiving blanket I made. Though you could use old t-shirts, old sheets or other left over fabric you have. It just needs to be absorbent.
  • Inner layer – I used old fashioned cloth nappies (the big white square ones), though you could use thin towel, again it just needs to be absorbent and not too thick.
  • Bottom Layer – waterproof/resistant fabric – I’m not actually sure what its called, maybe nylon?
  • Domes and tool – mine came in a box of 50 with the little tool included.
  • Hammer to attached the domes
  • Sewing machine and cotton



  1. Draw the pattern. You are making a triangle with 1 long side then two equal sides. with curved corners. long side approx 33cm, short sides 28cm and depth (from middle of short side to tip) of 20cm. I then made the long side scooped so it goes inwards about 5cm.
  2. Place the 3 fabrics on top of each other. You want the pattern side of the pretty outer layer facing the waterproof layer and then the inner layer on top.
  3. Cut out and re pin ready for sewing. Mark on inner gap for turning inside out.
  4. Straight stitch around edge then overlock or zig-zag to prevent fraying.
  5. Turn in right way. Fold in edges of gap and sew together.
  6. Domes – Push spiky part through fabric in corner, place the connector on top making sure they line up. Place tool on top, check that it is all lined up and bash with a hammer.
  7. turn fabric over and repeat on other corner with matching half of dome. Note I have put two on side side for adjustably.
  8. All done

Once I work out how to put up a template I will.


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