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Holidays and going away with a baby.


Lately we have gone away quite a bit and on our first trip it all seemed at bit daunting especially since we were staying with Robbie’s family in a motel for a wedding, followed by a cabin with just us, then finally a hired house with my family for an ocean swim and during the trip he started crawling and his first two teeth came through. With some planning and thinking about what Little Moo needed it all went smoothly (mostly).


1. Travel during nap times as much as possible

2. Pack extra clothes (for both of you, Little Moo loves putting sticky hands on me and wanting hugs straight after eating) and find out if there is a washing machine available.

3. If staying with family/friends make sure you take some time away from everyone. Go hang out in your bedroom and lie down on bed and read stories together or play with toys, or go for a walk. But keep it calm and give lots of cuddles. Helps if Daddy can be there too.

4. When meeting new people for the first time or going into a room full of people we found it best if I held Little Moo or sat him on my lap for at least the first 10 mins, and now he is crawling letting him have a crawl around as well, before passing him to anyone to have a hold.

5. Don’t try to do too much, we found 2 activities per day was plenty especially when there are naps to fit in.

6. Make sure they have there naps, preferably at the normal time. We also found that Little Moo found it harder to go to sleep with so much going on so we would need to spend longer calming him down first or going for a drive/ walk in pushchair when where we were staying was too noisy.

7. Find a way that you get time out too. Daddy time can be great for this (plus your partner can show off their parenting skills) or so you can have some time together a close family member who your child knows well and can take them off your hands for a while is worth their weight in gold. My Sister often does this and takes him off to play and joins him in with any other children who are around (though occasionally getting him back again is a little tricky).

8. Make sure they get some play time and fresh air.
9. Be flexible, if its not working try something else. Stop on the side of the road, take them for a walk between courses, take them to anther room for a while.

10. Let any unwanted advice, negative comments etc go in one ear and out the other. Every baby is different and you are doing the best thing for you and your baby.

So far its worked for us, hopefully you can find something that helps you.

What has worked for you on holiday? What has gone wrong?



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I am a full time mum to my two children, I blog very sporadically about life and things that interest me.

2 thoughts on “Holidays and going away with a baby.

  1. Great advice! We found that for a couple of years after our son first became mobile it was easier to stay in a hotel room at night even though we could have stayed with my husband’s family over Christmas. We still got plenty of visiting time in, but it was nice to know we had neutral territory to retreat to, that any crying during the night wasn’t keeping anyone else up, and most of all, my husband’s family makes absolutely no attempt to baby-proof at all (even leaving medications around poured out in colorful piles in shallow bowls) and the hyper-vigilance was exhausting. It was nice to have a safer place to go and just let the boy crawl or toddle about at will. This year we will stay with them again as Eli is now going on 3, understands a lot more, and has calmed down substantially. It will still take a lot of close supervision, but there are other family members who are happy to be the one to entertain and supervise him from time to time giving us a bit of a break now and then to be able to visit too, so it should be very doable now.

  2. Wow, having medications left out must have been super stressfull. Having a safe place for them to play is so important.

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