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10 things I love about being a Mum


Making its way around the blogs at the moment is 10 things I miss about life before kids and while I have quite a few of those,
Like going to the toilet by myself and not having tiny bits of food and toys all over the floor,
today I would rather focus on the things that are new and exciting about being a Mum.

1. Staying home when the weather is crappy.

2. Being able to sew and make stuff – Yes I could have done this before my son was born and I did a tiny bit and even had more time to do so, but no inclination.

3. Baking with Little Moo, its hilarious he tries everything that goes in the bowl. Watching him trying to catch and pick up the egg yolks and having them escape every time was priceless.

4. Getting down to his level and playing.

5. Robbie working from home 2/3’s of the time and him being willing to put everything down for a minute to give Little Moo a cuddle or attention just about every time he comes and asks for it.

6. Being a family.

7. Going to the playground and having an excellent excuse for playing on it. Though its a little different when all my siblings and partners come too, Don’t mind us 8 noisy adults playing and all the equipment we have a child with us… somewhere… oh look over there on the slide, we are with him.

8. Morning cuddles in bed, just wish they could start a little later, 7am would be good.

9. Watching him grow. A few weeks ago he could only walk a couple of steps and a time, now he can walk (wobble) across the room at great speeds holding two plastic golf clubs.

10. Being his Mum. You see that adorable smart little person over there, he is mine, I made him from myself. Now I get to watch him grow and show us more and more of his personality.

Just a note these things change month by month as he grows and changes, last month it was different things.


Author: kelliefish13

I am a full time mum to my two children, I blog very sporadically about life and things that interest me.

2 thoughts on “10 things I love about being a Mum

  1. I’m so glad you wrote these things down. Because you forget. You do. You think you won’t, but things change. Tech is now 13 years old, if you can believe it! (Soon to be 14!) ANd he doesn’t come in our room for snuggles anymore. Ever. The only time I really get snuggles is when he is sick sick sick. He is still a wonderful person, and I love to spend time with him, but he is also really into his friends and hanging out on the computer. So hold onto your baby-days while you can. In a blink, Little Moo will be in high school.

  2. I need to write them down more often, I can barely remember his new born days anymore.
    I can’t imagine having a teenager, though one day it will happen.

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