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The ability to cook seems to be only for the lucky these days.

I have been reading some posts and articles recently about obesity specifically child, and I couldn’t figure out some of the parts they were saying until I realised that the families weren’t cooking meals or cooking full stop!
The main reason for this is that they didn’t know how!
Seriously what????
They don’t know how to cook!
They only eat takeaways or microwave meals etc.
How on earth can this happen?
How can you bring up a child then send them out into the world with out the basic life skill or being able to cook (or use a washing machine in some cases)?
How to get and cook food for oneself is the most import skill they need to know. It is the only one without which they will die.
With all the knowledge availible to us in this world how could we forget the most important, how to feed ourselves. Especially how to feed ourselves cost effectively and nutritionally.
It costs so much less and is so much healthier to cook your own meals.
And it isn’t even hard.