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Fast times in Tahoe…. wait I mean Hamburg

Sorry blog I have been neglecting you. Finally getting full weeks of consistent work which is fantastic for my bank balance but means fitting in everything in has become a little harder.
See look the sun!

But then again last week we took two days of work to go to Germany for 4 days to see a friend before she moves back to NZ (hopefully for good). The awesomeness of staying with a good friend and sitting on her bed in our PJ’s watching silly tv (Idol in German) eating lots of candy and chips. Something I haven’t done for a long time. I have some great friends here but not quite the same level of closeness that comes with certain friends.
We did other things too, like taking the ferry along the river and then walking along parts of it with the sun going down (very very pretty), and just happening to climb on the barriers and jump between them. It was the best sunlight I have had in a while though not quite the same when u can’t actually feel it on your skin because of all the layers and the cold wind.
We had a great night out in Irish bars (seems silly to go to Germany only to go to Irish bars but they were fun and played German music as well so it was all good, though I was having trouble at times working out which songs were being sung in which language) the second one was huge with multiple floors and gave us mini bottles of Waldmeister (Which apparently translates to forest Meister which is what we have been calling that flavour since she first brought that flavour gummy bears to NZ) liqueur as we went in, I kept the bottle. Was a fun night with lots of music that kept going all night (though we only made it to about 4am) it was nice not to have to change places because of closing times, especially since it was so cold. The first place we went to had fun music but let people smoke inside, I forgot how gross that is! I was quite pleased to leave there turns out I have become a lot less tolerant of second hand smoke since smoking in bars was banned in NZ years ago. Waking up feeling slightly hung over was made way worse by smoke filled hair.

4 days was definitely not long enough but I was glad we took the early flight back on Sunday so I could get an early night before work today. Must be time to plan the next trip!



I love technology

I love that I can skype call my Mum, Dad and Siblings who are on the other side of the world, talk to and see them for over an hour and pay nothing for it.

I love that while talking to them I can tell them my address and they can use google maps to find it, and see what parks and things are nearby. Then use street maps to get a picture of my house and the houses on my streets.

I love that I can upload my digital photos onto facebook, add captions and tag people in them. Then friends and family back home can see the places I have been.

I love that I can send a link to my blog and my friends and family can hear about some of the things I have been up to.

I love that I can use skype, google talk, msn, etc to keep in touch with people. Help out friends/sisters with dramas from my bed in a completely different time-zone, with people who are scattered all over the world.

I love that what ever city in the world I am going to I can go to and find a group of people to hang out with for a while.

And there is sooo much more.

My Mum went to America when she was 18 and kept in touch with letters (that took ages to get home) and phone calls that cost a lot of money (so she came up with some creative ways of getting around that).

Travelling these days is so different. In some ways its so much easier, you can keep in touch with people back home and you can meet up with people from your country almost where ever you go.

Is this better?? or does it take away from the whole experience??