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Fast times in Tahoe…. wait I mean Hamburg

Sorry blog I have been neglecting you. Finally getting full weeks of consistent work which is fantastic for my bank balance but means fitting in everything in has become a little harder.
See look the sun!

But then again last week we took two days of work to go to Germany for 4 days to see a friend before she moves back to NZ (hopefully for good). The awesomeness of staying with a good friend and sitting on her bed in our PJ’s watching silly tv (Idol in German) eating lots of candy and chips. Something I haven’t done for a long time. I have some great friends here but not quite the same level of closeness that comes with certain friends.
We did other things too, like taking the ferry along the river and then walking along parts of it with the sun going down (very very pretty), and just happening to climb on the barriers and jump between them. It was the best sunlight I have had in a while though not quite the same when u can’t actually feel it on your skin because of all the layers and the cold wind.
We had a great night out in Irish bars (seems silly to go to Germany only to go to Irish bars but they were fun and played German music as well so it was all good, though I was having trouble at times working out which songs were being sung in which language) the second one was huge with multiple floors and gave us mini bottles of Waldmeister (Which apparently translates to forest Meister which is what we have been calling that flavour since she first brought that flavour gummy bears to NZ) liqueur as we went in, I kept the bottle. Was a fun night with lots of music that kept going all night (though we only made it to about 4am) it was nice not to have to change places because of closing times, especially since it was so cold. The first place we went to had fun music but let people smoke inside, I forgot how gross that is! I was quite pleased to leave there turns out I have become a lot less tolerant of second hand smoke since smoking in bars was banned in NZ years ago. Waking up feeling slightly hung over was made way worse by smoke filled hair.

4 days was definitely not long enough but I was glad we took the early flight back on Sunday so I could get an early night before work today. Must be time to plan the next trip!


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Today is a bundle of awesomeness.

Reason number 5 – It is holidays
reason number two – its a yummy sunny day that is warm enough for me to go outside with out wearing a million layer
reason number one – I had an awesome day yesterday which involved an awesome pub which had out canvas’ and art supplies so while we had our yummy roast lunch and chatted instead of fidgiting I could draw and doodle to my hearts content. Once finished we could either leave our pic behind or donate some money to whatever charity they were collecting for this week. They do it every Sunday. So much awesomeness! And my favourite part – Its NOT aimed at children! its there for adults. Though I don’t think they would have minded if children did it too, it was there for adults to do. So much fun!
reason number 4 – almost no body knows me here which means I can wear whatever I like, and no one can take photos of me either!
reason number 3 – its Autumn and there are lots of pretty colours everywhere, once the washing is done I am heading out to take lots of pretty photos.

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Wales the first part 2

After the castle we headed towards town, past the big Manor house, past the sheep that still had their tails, down a cute country road, past some very cute houses, still terraced even in the middle of no where, past a cute post office/cafe down to the bus stop where I inspected my shoes and jeans which were now slightly cleaner from the long grass but still very wet.

We waited and waited, Hagrid decided to go in search of food at the cafe, I wrote post cards sitting at the bus stop, Hagrid came back with lollies having had a lovely chat to the lady at the post office, and waited, and waited. Then the lady from the post office appeared asked where we were going then said jump in and kindly took us all the way into Carmarthen telling us about Welsh schools amongst other things. In Carmathen we went in search of food, which I found in the shape of a yummy roast pork roll mmmmmm. Then we headed off to our next place by train, thank fully the train was warm and dry so I was almost dry when we got off.

We got off at a train stop surrounded by caravan park, though they dont have Campervans like we do, the are more like rectangular mini houses on wheels (though sometimes not) that seems pretty firmly in place. We walked past these, and carried on and on. Then we asked some children outside a church for directions at the T intersection as neither of us knew where to go and carried on. We came across a farmer further down and asked for directions again which he gave us but warned that it was quite some way to go, we didn’t believe him and carried on, past another Castle which looked beautiful in the setting sun but had closed for the day. We found the little town stopped to buy food for dinner (not wanting to end up somewhere with no food like we almost did the night before) checked the bus times and discovered it was ages until the next and kept walking. By which time we had walked quite a way and thought it can’t be too much further. The the farmer we had asked for directions from earlier went passed then stopped and asked if we would look a ride which we gratefully took, and discovered that it was in fact quite a way and would have taken us a long time to get there, this was the 3rd time that day someone had stopped to drive us where we were going, very kind and friendly people. After warm shower I found tv and a book to entertain myself until Hagrid came back for his walk so we could make dinner.

The next day we decided to take the path along the cliffs back towards the Castle. It was spectacular, high cliffs with crashing waves beneath them. It was a fantastic walk. But of course it rained and the path was muddy so soon enough I was wet and muddy again but that didn’t matter.

It was quite a long walk but well worth it and finally we rounded a corner to see the beach and the castle. The surfers looked like black seals in the waves in their thick black wet suits, we decided that we would go for a swim if we could find somewhere dry to put our gear.

We walked past an ancient rock formation that was meant to be a burial place for a king I think.

Then down to the beach where we saw a girl come out of the water with no booties she told us that it was freezing! We looked around but there were no dry places to keep our clothes and bags from the rain so we didn’t stop for a swim. We walked around the Castle and had a peek inside but it didn’t look that interesting and we would have to pay so we went back to the train station to head for our next stop.

Tenby (I can’t remember when it was we stopped here but it was somewhere on our way) beautiful little beach town. We were amazed by the different colour houses and the massive search and rescue boat (though I think they call it something else) which was in a building at the top of a massive ramp which the boat slides down into the water when ever it needs to go out. That would be soooo fun to go down.

We explored that town, which still has a big stone wall around most of it, then headed down to the beach. The town is on top of the cliffs so we climbed down the stairs to the sand looking at the little gardens that had been put on the different ledges on the way down, so cute!

The beach was incredibly windy (even by NZ standards) so we went exploring the attached island which had a tunnel through the middle of it. It also had a building on top of it but that was fenced off, though I could see a possible way up scrambling on the rocks it was a bit precarious and with the wind blowing so hard I decided against trying. Hagrid bought a kite and had lots of fun flying it in the wind.