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Blogging and Running

Weirdly enough it was this blog that got me into my running gear and out the door this morning. Though I’m not sure if I can really call it running more of a slow jog but still I was out there doing it.

I have recently started jogging (though I prefer the word running, jogging doesn’t sound nearly as cool) that being last week and so far I have managed to go 3 times! Ok so that might not seem a lot but to me its much bigger normally when I decide to do something like this, especially when its by myself with no one else to pester me I go once. Only once then stop for various different reason, so actually going 3 times is somewhat amazing.

When I first started I made up some rules, because unfortunately my brain does not stop while running and needs something to do. My rules are 1. I have to go every week day unless its raining (I like the idea of random reward aka escape)  2. My run must consist of 2 parts running and walking where I run as far as I can then I walk another Km or so after that where I concentrate on my posture (which is terrible). 3. each day try to run further than I did the previous day.

So after staring out the window this morning hoping it was raining, no just looking windy and cold. Which I then started thinking windy and cold thats almost like raining and it looks like it could start at any minute now, that not raining get ready. So while rummaging through my underwear draw I discovered that I need to do some washing and the only underwear I have left is the really crappy underwear I bought from primark when I ran out of time (put it off until I didn’t) to get all my washing done before going away. This is probably going to be really uncomfortable (it actually wasn’t). While doing this I had a thought, I could write about this on my blog (though now writing it down, it seems less appropriate). And even more so as I was pinning the waist band of my track pants (the part that is meant to fold over) to the bottom of my bra to stop my pants from falling down while I run (great pants for bumming around at home and sleeping in… super comfy, but not so good for running). Then I kept thinking about what I could write and suddenly I was out the door (I really wish I could remember all the great things I was planning on writing coz they seem to have vanished now).

Though once out the door I found my next challenge, it was raining, more like spitting, really really lightly. Here’s my chance to back out to turn around and go back inside but did I? NO. I has to be actually raining not just pretending. But I did decided to run around the block instead of out the the river in case it did pour with rain. So I came up with a small loop I could do, did that and kept going so I added in more, then some more and was rather surprised at how far I actually went (still well under a km) without stopping at all. In fact every run I have done I have been surprised at how far I can go, much further than I ever could back home. So I started thinking about why.

I don’t have a car any more! this means that when catching where ever I want to go I have to walk at least some part of the journey or I can ride my bike which is even more exercise. I seems it actualy pays off.

The other thing is while traveling places I often will spend whole days walking around cities exploring and seeing things. It was quite funny when my partner first arrived and although he was much fitter and faster than me, he found it quite hard work walking around all day exploring a city whereas I had been already doing it for some time by then and it didn’t bother me at all.

I found it really interesting how a all those thing do add up and pay off, though they may not have made me any skinnier (too much new yummy food to try, especially in Germany) I am actually fitter, which makes me happier because I can go and do the things I want to do without feeling terrible. Though I think I’m still going to need to keep up the running for a lot longer yet.