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RememberĀ me

I wrote this ages ago but decided not to put it up as I though it would be too weird but have changed my mind. I am always a little nervous before posting anything worrying what others will think.

Remember me

Remember me, I will always be, in or near by the sea

Swimming in the crashing waves, jumping over them and giggling, diving down then sneaking up on you to grab your ankle. When you miss me come find me there watching the world go by, with the ocean breeze, I’ll whisper in your ear memories of our own.

Remember me, I will always be, in or near by the sea

Sitting on the rocks watching the sea weed sway, fish darting to and fro nibbling on whatevers on the rock, the jelly fish gently flapping up and down. In the distance a dolphin leaps then splashes cooly back into the water, that is where I am out there with them where I always was in my mind.

Inspired by Remember written by Christina Rossetti