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This easter was all about playing in bunny suits, finding their eggs and eating… fruit.
Chocolate wasn’t really that interesting and now we have a fridge with lots of chocolate stashes in it. Probably because we all had tummy bugs in the last week and our tummys are not quite up to the usual chocolate feast.


Explaining to Little Moo why we have easter at the start of autumn and not in spring like in all his books and tv shows, has been a wee bit challenging. He gets seasons are different in different countries. .. sort of.  But doesn’t understand why we don’t just have easter in spring too.image

The other thing I have been struggling with is that neither Robbie or myself is religious, we both have our own beliefs but they do not fit with any particular religion. We have been trying to teach our children about different beliefs and the stories behind them. However both us and our extended families celebrate Christmas and Easter. Explaining Easter and some of the stories that go with it has been extra challenging to me as I grew up being taught those stories as the truth.


I felt much better when in the afternoon we followed the music we could hear and found the Holi festival of colour happening in the local park. Though we didn’t join in in the colour throwing (the music was too loud for Little Moo), we did have some yummy Indian food while sitting under the trees and watching all the dancing and colour throwing.






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