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Today is cold… while waiting for the bus I wished I had worn my gloves. The wind now feels icy and the leaves are beginning to fall. I was hoping it was going to be pretty but so far it isn’t just dull colours and cold wind.

I came home from work today and headed straight for the kitchen for a hot drink, something I haven’t done since winter, Its weird how things change with the seasons.

I want to be excited about the cold coming, bundling up in lots of layers, coming home to a warm cosy house, getting to curl up with a good book and not have to leave the house over the weekends. But all I can think about it waiting at bus stops freezing cold, losing more gloves, going from freezing cold to boiling hot while shopping and worst of all getting sick.

Oh well at least I can roast the chestnuts I gather the other day (well I’m 99% sure they are chestnuts, what else could the be?). I am amazed at the amount of food that grows close by, within a half hours walk I can get blackberries, chestnuts, apples, cherries, figs and plums from public areas (probably other fruit too but I just don’t know what it is, I have seen some things that look like they would be good to eat but as I don’t want to poison myself I leave them alone). Of course those things are only available in the right season but still that’s quite a bit of food. The other weird thing is very few people collect it. I have seen a few people pick blackberries on their way past, and one group go around with containers and I saw one person picking up chestnuts. I wonder if its because your not allowed to (I hope not) or because not many people notice them?